Roeper Roughriders

Sometimes you may just need an accent piece for existing graphics, or a way to re-purpose existing graphics. Roeper School was in need of just that.

They were moving their Hall of Fame display to be fully digital and touch screen, and wanted an accent piece to define its purpose and give the monitor a bit more pop. We created a sign using their existing branding to do just that.

They also had a wall with great vinyl graphics, but they were for their now defunct physical Hall of Fame. In its place they were hoping to move their school championships display, but the vinyl contained text that would need to be removed. Rather than waste the entire graphic, which still looked great and would work perfect for the new school championships, we opted to create a multi-dimensional sign to cover the text, create a new focal point, allow for future revisions, and tie in without anyone being the wiser that it never existed previously. In the end, we really like the final look.

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