We can create custom dry erase panels for you using one of two methods. The one we recommend is using a modified version of our SLICK system, which utilizes acrylic and an insert so you can swap out, change, modify, or update your dry erase designs in the future at a minimal cost. (Say, if you needed a different design for different seasons or sports, or had a coaching change with a new focus.)

We can create a more standard dry erase panel if needed. Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and find out which is best for you.

Have a metal surface or old dry erase board you want a custom-sized dry erase board for? Our rollable magnetic option is a great choice for those situations.


  • “Traditional” Dry Erase Boards with custom graphics and lightweight frame.
  • Acrylic cover option allowing you to change the design any time you need.
  • Rollable Magnetic that clings to metal and many existing dry erase boards.
    • NOTE: These are not magnetic receptive themselves unless the metal/board behind and/or magnet you are putting on it is very strong. It’s printed on a magnetic material that’s strong enough for it to cling great, but not always strong enough for other light or small magnetics to cling to it directly.
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