Let us guess, you have multiple logos and often your coaches and staff use different ones for each of their programs. And it’s not uncommon to have various shades of your school colors appear on uniforms, printed materials, and website.


We know sleek merchandise and intimidation are far easier to obtain when your logo could be found in the pro shops. That’s why we love mascot logos that resemble the professional teams.

Let’s face it, your branding is directly tied to how much enthusiasm your students, staff, athletes, and local fans have. Not many people get that excited for a logo from 1925, or one created by a well-meaning but not very equipped staff member. 

Want to bring yours into the modern era? Let us help get you there.


  • A fully redesigned logo, catered to your preferences and modeled after the pro/semi-pro mascot logos.
  • A vector file and high resolution raster files
  • Logo files ready for print
  • Logo files ready for web
  • Logo files ready for one color and multi-color screen printing
  • Official PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colors for your school, which you can take to any printer, athletic apparel company, or web service and ensure your colors are consistent
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