Oak Park Northmen – Hall Mural Extension

Oak Park’s office mural and wall collage have generated the exact kind of excitement they hoped for, and immediately decided to update their welcome area for parents, staff, and students. They took their school’s core values and placed them into six, separate but continuous, 4′ x 8′ panels. Using images of their students and staff, they provided current, personal examples of each of their values in action right in their school.

Additionally, students were so stoked about Oak Park’s initial Boom Board collage, they donated funds to help double its already considerable size. Thankfully, when we design, we plan for contingencies such as these, so extending the graphics four additional panels and still keeping one, unified mural was not a problem. Onlookers will never suspect it was done in phases. And if Oak Park should decide to extend it in the future, that too will flawlessly seem with the current panels.

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