Heartland Huskies – Gym, Weight Room, & More

Heartland had a big vision, and great ideas to help bring their facilities some exciting new graphics. They also needed those graphics to not just be functional, but to bring together various needs into one package.

We created a horizontally configured juggernaut to update their championship banners. Their school is a blending of two other schools, though, so we had to create a way to showcase the two past histories, and still let the focus be on the current school history still in the making.

Their crew were amazing in trouble shooting unique install complications, needing to add the panels to existing sound paneling. They even added custom LED spotlights to make the blue husky eyes pop all the more. A great innovative touch done on their own that we wished we’d have thought of.

Next, they needed some cool graphics for their gymnasium area that was visible from a great distance, covered a lot of space, but did not cost an arm and a leg. We opted for two, uniquely and complexly staggered small panel configurations, featuring one of their school phrases. Again, their crew did an amazing job getting it aligned and installed perfectly.

The last thing they needed was a way to display the current total number of students who had achieved the academic, all-state selection. They needed a display that tied into the others being created, had easy to swap out numbers, but durable in case a flying ball accidentally made contact.

We created a custom printed panel with metal stripping on the back, and used large acrylic letters with magnetic backers to allow super quick swapping, customization configurations, and provide enough grip to withstand hits and shakes.

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